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"Infant survival swim lessons are a must have for any parent with babies in Florida. Babies are attracted to water, and I am so thankful my children got the skills needed to survive" Kada and Adam's Dad.
Teagan's Mom

"Tanya, she saved herself AGAIN! She loves watching her sisters in the pool and has accidentally stepped off the steps/ edge 3 times now. The last time was in December on a warm day. She was in her clothes because the water was too cold for her. She was playing with her sister on the side and stepped off and fell in. The temp was a shock to her and it took her breath. Her eyes got really big and she looked scared , it took a few seconds more than normal but she got into her float. I pulled her out and asked if she was ok and she said "yeah". She didn't cry. :) I am ALWAYS with her when she is near the water but it gives me some peace to see her float. I really can't thank you enough! It is something every parent should do for their child. I can't wait to continue her lessons with you. THANK YOU!!" Teagan's Mom

"I cannot rave enough about Ms. Tanya and Safety First Swim School. Our 2 year old son had no fear of water and no idea how to swim. My parents live on a lake and my sister has a pool so we KNEW we had to help him get the tools he needed to survive a "fall in" or other water mishap. Tanya was amazing with him. She was able to read his personality and demeanor very quickly and identify what would motivate him. She worked tirelessly, patiently and lovingly with him at each lesson, diligently shaping his behaviors and quickly navigating his challenges......He just "graduated" yesterday and couldn't be more proud of his t-shirt and towel prizes. WE, however, couldn't be more proud of his swimming skills. It does our hearts good to know our son has the skills to survive now. Thank you Tanya! We have been blessed beyond measure in our experience with Safety First Swim School and look forward to bringing our youngest for lessons in the coming year" - Becky.

My daughter Adelaide started her swim lessons right after she turned 7 months old. The first month all she did was cry I felt bad for Leah her swim instructor. Fast forward to today at 11 months old she floats can turn herself over from a face down fall in to face up and she grabs the wall hangs on best of all she doesn't cry any longer and she is excited to swim with Leah. There are some days I'm not sure who is having more fun at her swim lesson her or Leah. I tell anyone and everyone who has children about her swim lessons and the school. I've even told her pediatrician in case other parents want to enroll their children. She will be returning for the spring for continuing swim lessons.


"Highly recommend Tanya! She is amazing with children. My daughter was so scared the first few days, and after that asked to go to Ms Tanya's pool everyday. Tanya is very loving and patient not trying to hurry through if your child is upset and exactly what I wanted. I couldn't believe how much she learned in a short amount of time. Worth every penny" - Taylor

"This is a bit overdue as we've loved taking our 4 year old to Ms.Tanya for swimming lessons for a while now, but yesterday she really went above and beyond to help our son. While at a pool party, our son wasn't performing the skills he had been taught and had been doing so well while in the pool with Tanya. My wife texted Tanya to seek advice and without hesitation, she asked where we were and if she could come over. We were extatic! She was there in no time, observed, and got in the pool to help out. She not only worked with my son, but she worked with another young swimmer who she had known from previous lessons as well. To top it off, she coached my wife and myself on how to better prepare and build swimming confidence in my son. She was there for quite a while and I cannot thank her enough!" - Nick

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I can’t speak highly enough of Kaylee and her ability to successfully teach both Alanna, 4 and Dillon, 2 to be more confident and comfortable in water in such a short time!

We recently relocated here from NY and our experience with Safety First was our first-ever swimming lesson for the kids. They had no real skill or proper training prior. Up until now Alanna was avoiding learning to swim underwater and Dillon wouldn’t even let us get his ears wet in the bathtub. I also think I was personally instilling more fear in them since I’ve been nothing but an outwardly, over-anxious worry-wart anytime they were near water. Them drowning was/is one of my greatest fears; especially knowing that it is the leading cause of death in 1-4 year olds and can happen SO quickly and unexpectedly. 😔

We all know that pools and ponds and lakes and beaches and water parks, etc. are a way of life in Florida so I was doing a LOT of worrying... But not anymore! I am so much more confident in their survival and swimming abilities.


Now we can have a family pool day or visit a water park and actually enjoy it while these kids continue to earn their fins. Thank you sooo SO much, Kaylee! We owe it all to you! It’s bittersweet because we will miss seeing Kaylee, but I am also one proud (and a little less neurotic) Mama Bear because of her!

Safety First Swim School! Yesterday my 2 year old son fell into my parents' pool. He did exactly what he was taught- got up on his back into his float, then saw the wall and grabbed for it. My husband and I were the only ones not panicked because we knew he knew what to do. Thank you Miss Tanya and Miss Kaylee. I cannot say enough good things about them!


 Kaylee with Safety First Swim School is amazing. She is currently teaching our grandson and she does an amazing job. So glad to hear your little guy did exactly what he was tought. Sometimes i get sad when Ellwood is sad or scared during his lessons but the end reward is going to be worth it.

I can't thank Safety First Swim school, Coach Leah and Coach Kaylee enough. Coach Leah got my 2 year old son from being apprehensive of going in the water to passing his saftey swim test in 5 weeks. He now is working on hand and feet motion while swimming. Coach Kaylee has been very patient with my 5 year old son while working on his stroke development. She is able to redirect his focus and get his "sillys" out so they can perfect his breathing and strokes. Thank you!!

Safety First Swim School

Leah is the BEST!!! She taught my almost 2-year old daughter how to swim and stay safe in the water. And she helped my 10-year old son how to improve his skills in prep for joining a swim team! Leah was so patient, kind and knowledgeable. My kids love Leah and we can’t wait for next season!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you Leah and Safety First Swim School for teaching our daughter essential survival skills in the pool. So much patience and compassion for little ones. It was amazing to see her progress over the weeks and the tears quickly turned to excitement to swim. Can’t wait for refreshers next season. Forever grateful for Leah and Safety First.

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