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What is Survival Swimming?

The ability to float and breathe, regardless of the water's depth, for an indefinite amount of time.

How would your child react alone in the water? The most essential skill we will teach your child is to roll from a face-down position in the water to a face-up independent back float. Infants and toddlers cannot turn and raise their heads to take a breath. If your child falls face down into the water, knowing how to roll onto a face-up back float can save a life! If your baby is crawling or walking, then he/she can also learn to swim to the pool edge or steps, rolling over to breathe whenever air is needed.

Once children learn to roll over to float, relax and breathe whenever air is needed, they can truly swim, stay afloat, conquer fear, and experience the joy of swimming.

Take Control, Not Chances!  

It's not just about being comfortable in the water, it's being able to swim and survive. Empower your child with the skills needed to safely enjoy the water! Discover the Safety First Swim School Difference today!

How Are Lessons Structured? 

Initial lessons with Safety First Swim are one-on-one Personalized Private Lessons, approximately 15 minutes in length (10 minute swim, 5 minute parent consultation), 4 days per week for 8 weeks. The eight week program includes 2 weeks of make up lessons. Each lesson builds upon the previous day's lesson, so there is measurable progress each week.

Where are lessons held?


Safety First Swim School conducts its lessons at our private residence and the West Orange Country Club, both pools are heated and located in Winter Garden, FL.














What is the Parent's Role? 

We encourage parents of toddlers to get in the water for the first few lessons so that your child will experience less stranger and separation anxiety. Our goal for children of all ages is to establish a relationship of trust between your child and the instructor. Once this occurs, your child will learn to trust him/herself in the water and real progress begins.

How Can You Teach Infants and Toddlers to Swim? 

Swimming and floating are motor skills that can be taught to babies through repetitive exercises, along with gentle verbal encouragement. We show the babies what we want them to do, and over a short period of time, they learn the skills necessary to survive. Be assured, we do not throw children into the water! We use a variety of methods, combining the best ideas from swim schools and infant/toddler programs throughout the world. Our goal is to make learning fun so that your child will love his water experience.


Infants six to twelve months can learn to:

 Hold their breath in the water

Roll from a face-down position to a face up back float

Float, relax and breathe until rescued by an adult

Perform these skills fully clothed

Particularly active infants may also learn to propel a short distance through the water between two parents. Learning these skills takes approximately 12 to 20 lessons.

Children who are walking (1-6 years) can learn to:


Do you teach older kids?

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Once your infant, toddler, or child has completed our survival skills program, we encourage you to continue with Maintenance and Stroke Lessons. 

Maintenance Lessons

Once your child has completed the survival skills course, we offer our second level program that allows for twice per week “maintenance” lessons to ensure skill retention, strengthening of strokes, and swimming abilities. For our more advanced students, we offer 30 minute classes for further stroke development. These classes serve as a good bridge for students who want to eventually join a competitive swim team. Each class is designed to enhance previously learned skills, bring your child to the next swimming level, and achieve our goal of safe, happy, technically sound swimmers. Discover the Safety First Difference!

 Hold their breath in the water

 Swim with their face in the water to the steps, side, or parent

 Roll over onto their back when they need to breathe

 Flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim until reaching their destination, or roll to their back    should they need to breathe again

 Perform these skills fully clothed

The timeframe for mastering these skills is typically 20 to 30 lessons.

Utilizing private lessons, your child will learn to hold his/her breath, put his/her face in the water, swim for 3-4 seconds, rotate to a floating position to rest and breathe, then rotate again to a swimming position. Upon the completion of the course your child will be able to successfully achieve a float from any position and swim to and from parents, pool steps, or wall.

Weekly Lessons

Safety First Swim School Survival Swim lessons are 15 minutes each Monday-Thursday, with 10-13 minutes of one on one instruction with your child and a few minutes for parent consultation.  

Tuition: Tuition is $750 for the eight week program. Tuition payments can be broken up into three payments. The first payment of $250 plus the registration fee is due at the time of booking, the remaining payment will be auto deducted every two weeks thereafter once lessons have started. Lesson fees are paid directly through our Parent Portal (click the link below). The one time $100 registration fee per child and first installment will be collected in advance to reserve your spot on the schedule.

Maintenance Classes: Upon completion of their initial lessons, every child should take maintenance lessons 2 times per week. No child should go 6 months to a year before continuing their lessons or receiving refresher courses as some other programs recommend. Your child is very young and much can change without continued monitoring and lessons as your child grows. Maintenance Classes are $250 per month and are billed on or before the first day of each calendar month. Parents must commit to two months of maintenance lessons.

Lesson Payments: Safety First Swim School Parent Portal makes it easy for you to make your weekly lesson payments and track attendance. Safety First Swim accepts all major credit cards. Click on the Parent Portal link below to pay for your weekly lessons.  

Credit and Cancellation Policy: Your appointments are very important to us as we believe that swim lessons are an integral part of the layers of protection designed to keep your child safe in and around the water. As part of our commitment to you and your child, Safety First Swim has allocated an appointment time which is reserved especially for you. We do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 72 hours notice for all non medical or weather related adjustments to your appointments and for cancellations. 

For the safety and well being of all our students, swim lessons will need to be cancelled due to the following: inclement weather, instructor illness, and/ or student illness. If a lesson is cancelled for medical or weather related reasons, Safety First Swim will provide make up lessons that will be scheduled for the last week of the student’s lesson plan. In order to keep everyone on a consistent schedule, ALL MAKE UP LESSONS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR THE LAST WEEK OF THE STUDENTS LESSON PLAN. All our policies are designed to benefit our clients and provide the best experience for your child. Click on the button below to read the complete Safety First Swim Credit and Cancellation policy.

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